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Simone Mellor-Clark is a gifted, conscientious and caring therapist, and I cannot recommend her too highly. Her listening skills are of the highest order, enabling her always to respond in an understanding, intelligent and helpful way to the issues and emotions I presented.  I was constantly surprised by her ability to meet me where I was, to explore further, and then to work with me in a highly responsive and effective way.

Initially I came to her with a very specific issue, which was, in a matter of a few months, resolved. I continued to work with Simone because she helped me discover so much about myself, and because she shared so openly the theories, tools and techniques she employed, sending me articles and documents enabling me to read up about them myself, then discuss them with her, and gain even more benefit from using them with her. I had never come across someone so willing to share her knowledge and expertise, (which were extensive - she is extremely well-qualified) and so committed to equality in the therapeutic relationship.

Added to this, Simone’s sense of humour was delightful, and her compassion never in doubt.  I was also very impressed by her ever-present professionalism - each week I completed a brief questionnaire (emailed by her) the day before our session, enabling her to see at a glance how I was and to monitor changes over time. All this enabled trust to develop very quickly and I was consequently able to share very deeply with her. I cannot recommend Simone too highly - my experience with her has been entirely positive and worthwhile.

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I could not recommend Simone enough. She is very approachable and was fantastic in getting to know me and tailoring our sessions to suit me best. She introduced me to something called Polyvagal Theory, which was a complete game changer. It helped explain so much of what was going on with me, but more importantly, it has provided me with a lifelong tool.
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I've benefited so much from our sessions together and feel I'm now in a much better position to tackle whatever comes my way, it's been a real delight to work with you. 

I was in a very difficult place when I first went to Simone, and there were many times I almost cancelled our first appointment. I am so glad I didn’t. She has been a lifesaver through a very tough time and provided me with the tools to help me get back to being me and moving on with my life.

Choosing to work with Simone was probably the most helpful thing I have ever done in my adult life. Our meetings have been a safe haven for me, and I would not be where I am today had I not experienced the safety, care, warmth and unconditional acceptance that I have had from Simone. I have been in many black holes in my life and when I first met with Simone it was worse than ever, our working relationship has helped me to find my own acceptance and value and given me crucial tools in my mind to cope and get through life. Simone has been a human being for me to relate to in a safe way and I have been able to express feelings and emotions that I never thought I could do. I am now a success and I still know Simone is always there with consistency and care should I need her.

I reached out to Simone after struggling, for a long time with anxiety, low self esteem and intrusive thoughts. I needed a trusted, friendly and compassionate professional to speak to and I absolutely found that in Simone. She helped me to recognise and deal with my thoughts and anxiey and build up my self confidence. I continue to use the skills she has taught me and I feel safe and reassured knowing she is there for me to contact to when needed.

I’d like to thank you for all your help and support over what has been a prolonged and challenging period. Whilst I’m still a good way from where I want to be with life, I know that I’m in a much better place now than I was when I first came to see you and your help has been invaluable during that time.

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